Introducing Woodsy Desk.

$199. Shipping August 2021 to beta testers.

Sustainably Made
We use about 30 ft2 of wood to create your desk, and see it as our responsibility to regrow that wood. So we partnered with the non-profit American Forest to plant over 600 ft2 of trees for each desk purchased.
Real Wood. Only Wood.
Sick of buying furniture you think is made of wood, only to find it has a printed "wood pattern"? We're sick of it too. We use solid slabs of Birch, Cherry, and Maple - and carve them into a desk that will actually last.
Assembles in Minutes
You won't need a Masters degree to put this desk together. Snap in your 4 legs and 4 supports, and you're done. No screwdriver needed.
Built to Last
We use some of the highest-grade lumber and finishes available, and precision carve your desk down to a tenth a millimeter. We don't cheap out on materials, which means your desk can actually last a lifetime.
Made in America
Each desk is individually crafted in Los Angeles by an adult paid a fair wage. We're not fans of overseas child labor unlike some of our way unfair competitors.
Limitless Accessories.
3 expansion rails and 3 expansion bays line the bottom of each desk allowing for future of possibilities. Stay tuned for ta keyboard tray, an wireless charger, or whatever you can think of.
Oiled Up
To protect each desk from scuffs and stains, we use the same food-safe Danish oil that is used on our cutting boards. Although we wouldn't recommend cutting cheese on it... unless that's your thing.
Make It Your Own
Have a color you want to paint your desk? Or a wood stain that matches your other furniture? Order your desk in its "raw" form, and we won't oil it for you.
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