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lasting & sustainable
wooden furniture.

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Made of real wood.

No particle board. No fiber board. No cheap laminate. Just real Birch, Maple, and Cherry cut into furniture that's delivered to your door.

Say hello to furniture that will last decades. And goodbye to Wayfair and Overstock.

No screws. No hardware.

Woodsy fits together like LEGOs. Each piece clicks into another. Which means our desk is made of just 4 legs and 1 tabletop.

You'll never have to contact the manufacturer again because they forgot to pack your screws.

Assembles in 1 minute.

Your time is valuable. It shouldn't be spent assembling furniture. Each Woodsy product is built in minutes, not hours.

How do we do it? Our "V" shaped legs are slightly wider than the slots they secure into, creating natural tension when you click each leg in. No glue. No dowels. No screws required.

Oh, and in case you're a person who moves a lot - don't worry - our furniture is just as quick to take apart without affecting stability.

Made in America.

Furniture made overseas can use exploitative working conditions. Woodsy keeps prices low with its innovative manufacturing process. It's made in America, by Americans (and yes, they are adults).

How do we do it? We've simplified the manufacturing process to deliver affordable high-quality wooden furniture.

Each desk plants a tree.

Your desk takes about 25 sqft. of wood to make. So we plant a tree for each Woodsy product you buy. Which grows to around 30 desks worth of wood!

For the lumber we do use, it is all certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Ensuring sustainability from start until long after your desk's life.

And by manufacturing and shipping from the U.S., we reduce our carbon footprint to get each piece from us to you.

Non-toxic finish.

Many companies cut costs by not coating their products in wood finish. This leaves your furniture susceptible to stains and warping over time.

Not Woodsy. We use two coats of shellac, a naturally occuring wood finish that is non-toxic, and believe it-or-not, edible. But please, don't lick our tables.

Business friendly.

Woodsy is the perfect supplier for your new office space. Your workspace will not only look better, but it will cost a fraction of going to one of the big department stores.

Contact our sales department to find out about our bulk discounts.